26 February 2019

The war on plastic has been declared

In recent years, there has been a lot of media attention for environmental pollution caused by plastic. You remember the images of beaches filled with washed up plastic and alarming messages about small plastic particles, so-called microplastics, that threaten our health because they end up in the food system. This led to a lot of initiatives to tackle the ‘plastic soup’, which you can find a good overview on Plastic Soup Foundation. Politicians are also taking action: in 2018 the EU and the UN issued extensive reports to drastically reduce the use of plastic, especially for single use.

In practice, the change is painfully slow. A lot still needs to be done to ban the use of plastic, and that has everything to do with how the food chain has been set up. Plastic has all kinds of properties that are difficult to replace in the long chain with storage, processing and transport. It is quite understandable that supermarkets and manufacturers need time for this.

The good news is that you can speed up the change by adjusting your buying behavior. At Vivièna we help you to produce less waste by only using packaging that is necessary. The materials we use are biofriendly, and when we use plastic, it is in the biodegradable variant. And because our chain is much shorter and less complex, our products can  stay fresh without plastic.

Vivièna Nederland Founder Vivièna
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