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Be patient for our strawberries

Spring is coming, and we are looking forward to it! Let’s go outside and enjoy the spring sunshine in the forest or on the beach. We can dig and feed the soil in the garden, cut back the bushes, place bedding plants and seed vegetables. But strawberries? No, they are not yet available in spring. […]

The war on plastic has been declared

In recent years, there has been a lot of media attention for environmental pollution caused by plastic. You remember the images of beaches filled with washed up plastic and alarming messages about small plastic particles, so-called microplastics, that threaten our health because they end up in the food system. This led to a lot of […]

Why would you pay for food waste?

Food waste is a perverse problem: on one side of the world hundreds of millions of people are hungry, on the other side there is so much abundance that it leads to waste. The side effects are that money and resources are wasted, as this infographic shows. Waste occurs throughout the chain of production, transport, […]