26 February 2019

Let’s be honest about meat

When considering what defines Dutch cuisine, we are quick to think of potatoes, vegetables and meat. In the past decades a wealth of variety has been added with delicious recipes from other countries, but meat still remains an important part of the meal for many Dutch people: according to the RIVM we eat 31 kilos of meat per person per year. Although meat can make a useful contribution in terms of nutrients, the impact on our health, on the welfare of animals and the climate has brought a different perspective in recent years.

Vivièna encourages you to eat less meat, by making suggestions for delicious dishes without meat. But the choice is yours, and we promise that if we do offer meat, it always comes from organic livestock farms with care for animal welfare.

Better for you

In particular red meat and processed meat, according to various scientific studies, incur an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, strokes, colon and lung cancer, reports the Nutrition Center. That conclusion may be slightly nuanced on the basis of scientific insights, according to this article from NEMO Kennislink.

Better for the animals

An important reason why some people are convinced to be vegetarian or vegan is the way in which animal welfare is dealt with in the chain, particularly in large-scale livestock farming. In any case, it is a good idea to avoid the ‘kilo runners’, and to pay attention to the quality marks for Better Living and Organic Livestock farming. A handy overview of quality marks that you can look out for is in this article by Wakker Dier.

Better for the environment

One of the most important conclusions of recent research on how to organize our food system more healthily and sustainably from The Lancet is that we must drastically reduce our meat consumption. Doing so, we save water and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. Are you curious how much you can save in one week without meat? Participate in the Week without Meat

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