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Good food, good life

Welcome to Vivièna

Vivièna only sells organic products

Because we want to offer you the best choice – whilst caring for human, animal and environmental wellbeing.

We purchase directly from local farmers.

That is how we avoid unnecessary transport and storage, and support the continuity of the most beautiful farms.

You have our undivided attention

Because the difference is not just in what Vivièna offers, but especially in the way we make every day memorable.

We believe that the way to the heart is through the stomach.

At Vivièna, we believe that the way to the heart is through the stomach. We love fresh, pure, healthy and especially tasty food. Yet, we are concerned about the impact of our consumption behavior on our community and environment. In large companies with vested interests, change tends to happen slowly. That is why we started from scratch with the development of a short chain, with less transport, less food waste, more sustainable packaging and fair prices. With greater involvement in the local community, and as much convenience as you are used to. That is how we help you to take good care of yourself, your loved ones and the world around you every day.

Why Vivièna

For your daily nutrition, you have a lot of options – whether you shop at the local specialist, at the market stalls, online or in the supermarket. Vivièna makes it easier for you to make conscious choices every day, and that is important to us because:

What you eat is important to your health, from early childhood to elderly age

Where your food comes from and how it is packed has significant influence on our climate

The store you buy from largely determines how human and animal beings are treated in the value chain

Not everyone in the world has access to good nutrition, and the risk of shortages is increasing

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